Tuesday, 24 March 2015

17th Birthday

Hi everybody! Yesterday was my birthday, but I celebrated it two days ago with friends and family. I got some awesome presents like a record player, tickets for The Script (but I got those earlier), records and a beautiful pair of Nike Air Max. This was the outfit I wore on my actual birthday. 
They are the Nike Air Max Thea and they are so pretty! I love the colors: the grey makes it wearable for everyday, but the coral gives your outfit a pop of color! The way I wore my jeans is freaking cold for your ankles when you have to bike to school in the morning!
I wore a neutral outfit, because I wanted to give my sneakers their moment of fame (my friends did actually compliment me on my shoes). I wanted a pair of Nike Air Max for such a long time and now I have one! Yay! Thanks to my brother and his girlfriend :)
In the evening me, my mother, my aunt and friends of my mother went out for dinner and I had carpaccio and then tournedos and we had all kinds of side dishes. 

→ W H A T I A M W E A R I N G ←

Jacket G-Star Raw
Crop top The Sting
Belt River Woods 
Jeans Vero Moda
Sneakers Nike

What do you think of Nike Air Max?


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Monday, 23 March 2015

A week with Danique | week 12 2015

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting, I don't even have an excuse this time. Just look what I did this week, oh and I went to The Script concert which was a-ma-zing!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

February Favorites 2015

It's time for favorites again. This time from the month February. I also wanted to thank everyone who read my previous post about bullying. If you haven't read it, here is a link to that post. But for now, let's talk about the favorites!

Monday, 2 March 2015

My life after been bullied for four years

Hi everyone. Today I wanted to talk about something else than fashion or lifestyle or traveling. Just a warning, it can be sentimental. I wanted to talk about something really personal. My blog is my 'perfect' world and I try to share only nice and fun things that happen(ed) to me, but nobody is perfect. Also I just want to clarify that I don't post this because of self-pity, but to make clear that being bullied is one of the worse things that can happen to you.
I have been bullied for over four years, just because I am Chinese. Something I can't help, something I can't change and something I actually have to be proud about. Because it is something that makes me different, which is good, right? No, not in my village I guess. I live in a really small village (9000 people) somewhere in Groningen, where they do not have much 'foreigners'. And I think a lot of people in my village have never seen people with a yellow or brown toned skin. Those suckers have never been outside the village and do not come any further in their lives. Because who still bullies in 2015?! And of course there are enough people in my village that don't think it's weird that I am Chinese and treat me equally. 

It all started when I went to high school in 2010. What they did to me? They called me Chinese, spring roll and things like 'xing-xang' and 'hanky-panky'. And they threw bread and water bottles at my head, pushed me against walls in school and they threw my bike on the ground, which now has some damage. 

After three years I was done with all of that and I went to my geography teacher, who was also my mentor (credits to mr K.). I trusted him completely and he was really nice and I really felt he understood me. I went with Carien, who is still one of my best friends and I think I couldn't go to my teacher without her. She pushed me to go to my teacher and after I told him my story everything went so quickly:

Another teacher came to my house to talk to me that same day, every morning I had to go to some other teachers who I needed to talk to and most of the bullying stopped. Yep, not everything and I don't think that could happen. We live in a world where unfortunately not everyone can except each other. Which is, I think, ridiculous. The bullies tried to look cooler, just to make fun of me and laugh at me. 

Most of the bullying stopped in that year (2013) and unfortunately my mentor got a new job at a new school. He was one of my favorite teachers and he was the best mentor. That year I made a blog, but I wasn't really active and I focussed on the lay-out and stuff. I made my blog, because I wanted to make a world that is perfect to me and others can read about the fun stuff I do. 

2014, a new year, a new mentor and a new goal: blog until I drop. I began to be more active on the blog and I really like to write and share things with you. As I said earlier I am stil the girl that is 'different' from everyone else at school, I still get bullied and I don't think it will ever end. But it may sound weird and stupid, but I think it made me to who I am this day. And I am really happy and my friends and family are amazing and they understand me (especially a shoutout to my brother, sister, parents, Carien, Annelotte, Anneke, Richard and the teachers at my school). 

Yes, it still hurts a lot when they shout things at me, because those four years where really difficult to me, but it gets better everyday and I try to ignore it. But it is really hard sometimes and it will always be. But you are different and that makes you special. ♡♡

Just remember: you are smart, beautiful and special in your own way. Thanks for being there and read my posts. It means a lot to me.


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Friday, 27 February 2015

Boarding is best

I just came back from Carien her place. It was so much fun, we went longboarding, played boardgames and ate cake! I think we (me, Carien and her boyfriend) boarded for 1,5/2 hours or so in the woods and then we eat cake, because it was the birthday of Carien her brother. We first played Blokus and then monopoly, whilst playing those games we ate cake and drank tea and coffee. It was really cozy. :) My longboard is so dirty right now, I tried to clean it but that was really difficult!

Have you ever played Blokus? It seems so easy, but I always lose.. :(


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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

'Looking For Alaska' by John Green

When I was younger, I was never the type of person who liked to read. But I am buying more and more books lately and I want to read so many books, but I have to read boring books for school first. And those are the hardest to read, because they are so boring and most of the time they are not the type of books I like. But for English class you have to pick a book that is written in English so I picked a book by John Green called Looking For Alaska. I have read The Fault In Our Stars and I really liked his way of writing, so I decided to read another book of his. And I am going to review it for you today!
About Looking For Alaska
Miles Halter, who is fascinated by Famous Last Words, goes to Culver Creek (Alabama) to prepare himself for university. He never had good friends, but at Culver Creek he became best friends with his roommate the Colonel and Alaska, who was already best friends with the Colonel. Miles falls in love with Alaska, even though they are so different from one another and he knows he cannot break their friendship.

About John Green
John Green is an award-winning American author, most known from his book The Fault In Our Stars. Green shares a YouTube-channel with his brother Hank Green, called the vlogbrothers. Their YouTube-channel is one of the most populair online video project of the world. He lives with his family in Indianapolis, Indiana. 
My opinion
As I said earlier, I love the way John Green writes. When I began reading, I read and read and read until I finished the book. It was easy to read and the characters were really funny. I did not know what the book was about and I had no idea why the chapters were named like that (one hundred and thirty-six days before, one hundred and twenty-eight days before). The whole time I thought, before what?! That was probably the main reason that I wanted to finish the book as soon as I could. I think it is a really original book and the topic is not boring at all, the book is perfect for people from my age. 
“So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.” 
― John Green
Rating ★☆ [4/5] 
Titel: Looking for Alaska, Author: John Green, Publisher: HarperCollins, Price: €11,95, Pages 263, ISBN: 978 0 00 752316 0 

Have you already read this book and what do you think of it?


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Monday, 23 February 2015

Holiday, woods and lunch

Yay, my holiday started today! A week of no school, also known as, freedom! I went to the woods (as always) with my parents and we walked for so long! We walked 8,5 km and afterwards we ate a bowl of soup and drank a nice warm cup of tea. 
My mother asked me if I was taking a picture of her again. Yep mommy, you are becoming famous on my blog. 
It was super green in the woods and I love it!
My mother and I had a bowl soup and a cup of tea and my father had just a beer, because he was not really hungry.

If are having no school too, enjoy your freedom! :)


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