Monday, 20 October 2014

My week in pictures | week 42 2014

Yeah, fall-break! This week was a lot of fun, stress and many train trips. I went twice to Utrecht and twice to Amsterdam and I had also to do a lot of homework, studying and reading. 

Carien and I were sitting in the train, but we didn't actually talked that much to each other, because we have to read this boring English book for school, blegh! :(
We had these phenomenal burgers for dinner at Firma Pickles and they are the best burgers I had ever had, just saying. 
I grabbed the list I made with places where I wanted to go to in Amsterdam and took a picture of it, so I have the list in my phone. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte, my new favorite winter beverage. I had never had this latte before, but it's really good.
After a few hours of shopping, we went back to our hometown also known as the land of the farmers also known as the middle of nowhere. We were really tired and the train was really empty. 

I like to sleep at my sister's place, but it's always nice to wake up in your own room. After waking up I did my hair and made myself a...
...smoothie! With strawberries and a banana. I bought this mason jar at Xenos in Utrecht and I am in love with it. My mother says that I am overreacting because it's just a jar.
Comparing my hairstyles of the last three months. It's insane how quick my hair grows. By the way, I really like the last photo.

Going to Utrecht again. We ate pizza for dinner at Il Pozzo. I choose pizza Mista and it was delicious!
After dinner we went to De Winkel Van Sinkel to drink something. I was really thirsty after the pizza, so I had a Lipton Ice Tea Green, because it's yummy. 
When we arrived at my sister's house, we played Jenga. 

A little bit blurry, but I went to Starbucks -duh, typical Danique- and I had for the first time the Iced Caramel Macchiato which was also so good!
When I came home after my trip to Amsterdam I had to eat a piece of this amazing chocolate, the Tony's Chocolonely with dark chocolate, merengue and cherries

This photo is really ugly, but hilarious! My mother took this picture of me and two of my best friends. They and their mother came along to chat, because they just came back from Turkey. 
In the evening, I decided to tidy up my room. Because it looked like a bomb exploded there and my mother did not like it at all, she said it looked like my sister's room, hahaha!

I decided to make some french toast before going to work. They were delicious! Normally I would use white bread, but we had only darker bread left, it worked too.
Doing chemistry homework. Because tomorrow school starts again, no! 


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Think like a proton, stay positive

Hello! Last friday, me and two friends of mine went to Stenden Universtity. We were going to make ice cream with liquid nitrogen for our final paper. I have seen it on television before, but never in real life, it was really cool! 
After school, we went grocery shopping. We bought 3 packs of sugar, 4 cups cream, 2 bottles of vanilla extract and 2 cartons of milk. And you probably guessed it already, we bought too much. The milk was going to be in my schoolbag. I was so afraid that it was going to explode. Luckily it didn't happen.
"Can you see it or am I standing in your way?"
Mixing the cream, milk, sugar and vanilla, very exciting, not, neither is reading the recipe. Only the part where the nitrogen comes in is exiting.
The man who helped us. Just pouring some nitrogen in another bottle. Doesn't this look so freaking awesome?
My laboratory coat was enormous, so were these gloves.
We are scientists. I felt really breaking-bad-ish. Oh man, that would be awesome to make crystallized methamphetamine for a school assignment! 



Monday, 6 October 2014

My week in pictures | week 40 2014

Hello everyone! Wow, I didn't do a my week in pictures-post in six weeks. But here is a new one. A week full of... I don't even know, a lot of randomness I guess.

Carien wanted to go to my place, but she went by bus. My mother couldn't pick us up, so I decided that I bike to school and take my pennyboard with me. 
Mirror-selfie in the Aldi windows. People who were standing in the Aldi looked mad when I had my phone like that.
I cannot do two things at the same time.. We almost fell when we took this selfie.
When Carien left, I had to learn about hundred English words for a test. But I am pretty sure I did well on the test.
For some reason I always get really hungry after school. So this was my lunch: two crackers with avocado, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice and salt and pepper. 
My favorite tea is the green tea with cranberry from Pickwick. 
After dinner, I had this yoghurt with raspberry jam thingy. It was really good.
I hope you didn't passed out, when seeing this picture. I cut myself with a bread-knife. For a second I thought I cut my finger off, but that did not happen, luckily!
After searching for plasters, I finally found this one with animals on it. 
To be honest, this advertisement on Spotify is terrifying. I was looking for new songs to add to my playlist and then I saw this. It scared the shit out of me.
Homework and eating (I really don't know who to say it in English) pepernoten. 
Watching Hollands next topmodel. I prefer the American one. 
My mother made this really cute bookshelf. She bought it at Ikea. As you can see I don't have many books, but I want to read more. 
Grocery shopping after school. 
I am planning to write a blogpost about this day, so I am not going to tell you what we are doing on this picture. 

Two pictures I took at my mothers birthday party. The left one is with my best friend and the right one is with my mother, sister and brother.
Expeditie Robinson is definitely my favorite Dutch television show.