Wednesday, 28 January 2015

January Favorites 2015

Hi guys! How are you? The weather in The Netherlands is amazing, it looks like a winter wonderland, because there is so much snow! I love it, but that's not the only thing I loved this month. Today I am going to share my favorites of January 2015.
My first favorite is so random, it's Vaseline. You can use it for so many things! For example, when I curled my eyelashes I put a little bit on my lashes and they look so much longer. It helps also to make your lashes stronger and thicker. Or whenever my elbows are really dry, I rub a little bit on there and the next day it is less dry. One of my friends also uses Vaseline to remove her makeup. 
If you read the latest A week with Danique, you've seen that I am making study-guides to help me with studying. And yes, they helped me with making my tests, A LOT! Here is a link to a video on how to make one. It is hard for me to explain it to you, because all my classes are in Dutch. But her tips helped me with making them, so check that out!

My next favorite is a Youtuber. Her name is Cambria Joy and she has these really inspirational videos, which I really like to watch. And she also uploads videos where she shares healthy and simple recipes which look delicious. Here is a link to her YouTube channel
Next up my blender! I used it almost everyday and I still love it. It was only €30,- at Blokker and it was this one. By the way, it is even cheaper right now! So if you need an awesome blender, this is the one, I am telling you! I love making and drinking smoothies and my mother liked them too. 
My fifth favorite is so nerdy, but I like to change the HTML of my blog. You probably have noticed that the layout changed a lot and if you still have tips for me, comment them below, because I'd love to know.

The last favorites are my music favorites and there are quite a lot, some are linked because those the official videoclips:
-Surrender (acoustic) by Cash Cash 
-Forever Until Tomorrow by MKTO
-City of Angels (acoustic) by Thirty Seconds To Mars
-Lost Stars (into the night mix) by Adam Levine
-Love Will Save The Day by Boyzone

What have you been loving this month?


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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Walking in a winter wonderland

Me and my mother went for a long walk today and look at how perfect the weather was. I took some snaps with my phone, because that's what I do. I love to be outside, especially when the weather is like this. We walked for an hour and when we came home, we sat on the couch whilst drinking a nice cup of tea. Oh and we eat candied walnuts, because I made a few and they are delicious!

→ W H A T I A M W E A R I N G ←

Scarf The Sting 
Beanie Opus
Parka Canada Goose 
Jeans Vero Moda
Shoes Steve Madden
Sunglasses Ray-Ban

Am I the only one or is going for a walk when there is snow outside just a great thing to do?


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Monday, 19 January 2015

A week with Danique | week 3 2015

Hi! Another week, means another A week with Danique! Testweek is beginning again! This Wednesday until Tuesday next week I have a lot of tests to make and it's so stressful to me! And I changed the layout of the blog!

Breakfast: granola with fresh strawberries and a cup of green tea. 
Downloading OS X Yosemite. Ok, to be honest I don't like how it looks. It looks like a little child designed it.  

Lunch: two crackers, one with mashed avocado, little bit of lemon juice, cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper and the other one with filet american and a medium boiled egg and for drink I had a...
... smoothie! I used my new blender for the first time! It was only €30,- at Blokker and it was this one. By the way, it is even cheaper right now! So if you need an awesome blender, this is the one, I am telling you! I made this smoothie with 2 oranges, half a melon and 1 banana for three servings. 

I finally finished the book The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and I got so depressing after reading it. I didn't like the book at all, but I had to make a test about this book and it went great! I guess..., I hope... 
Look what came with the mail! I am going to read The Maze Runner book serie and I am very excited about it. But first I have to read a Dutch book called Kaas (which means cheese), Looking for Alaska (for an English assignment), and the hundred year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared and Catching fire and Mockingjay (just for fun). So I am not going to buy any books this year, because I have enough in my shelf I have to read first. 

Rain mixed with snow is called sleet right? I am not to sure, but anyway was is "sleeting" (?) and the flakes where the size of a golfball.
Painted my nails black, the color of my soul. Just kidding. ;p I know, my nails are really short right now, but they break easily when I am stressed. 
This hand lotion is really budget, but one of the best. I bought it for in my schoolbag, it looks bigger on the picture, but it has the perfect to bring with me to school or everywhere. 

I only brought an appel with my to school, because I thought that would be enough for three hours. But then I got so hungry and I bought tomato soup and a "broodje gezond". Since a few weeks my school is acting a little bit crazy, they sell these sandwiches with everything, mini-pizzas, grilled cheeses, smoothies and soup. And they used to have only things that were unhealthy, but the school wanted us to be healthier. I really like the idea!
Yes, weekend! Friday I decided not to study, just "recover" from the stressful week, because Tuesday is going to be the last day of the testweek. I wanted to change my layout (blog) a little bit -okay, a lot- but I am still a HTML-noob. I began with just the banner, which I am really proud of and later on I changed the HTML and I am really happy with the result. What do you think?

Study-time! Because I did not studied Friday, I had to began a little earlier. But I don't mind it actually. Biology it was! I made study guides and they helped so much! I am writing this post on Monday, the day I had the biology test and I think it went great!
I have these socks that you have to put together to make a face, but for some reason I couldn't find the left socks of both of these pairs. 

Taking a break from studying. I watched Wie is de mol?. I love this show!
Making study guides, again. Do you like my drawing of a heart?
Evening snack: chocolate mousse and blueberries.

How was your week? And if you had one, how went your testweek?


Friday, 16 January 2015

How to: Customize your Blogger template pt.1

Hi everyone! My blog design is changing a bit lately, because I am trying to make it not to Blogger-ish. I have been using Blogger since the beginning of "my blogging adventure" (not a career, just a hobby). Blogger is really simple to work with... If you want a mainstream design. I like to customize my template with HTML-codes and search on the internet how to do it. But it is kinda difficult and I can imagine if you don't like to do it, it is even worse. So I am going to share five (basic) things that might help customizing your template. Maybe I am going to make a series of these post, so this one is going to be an easy and basic one. 

Add a custom favicon: What is a favicon, are you asking me? A favicon is that little image associated with your blog or website. Mine is that little triangle, I didn't know what to put else. 
Go to Layout > click Edit on the Favicon gadget > browse through your pics and select your favicon image from your computer (this must be a square image and really small!) > Save that thing!

Install social media buttons to your sidebar: I wrote a blogpost about this, so check that out if you want to. 

 Add an About me gadget to the sidebar: I highly recommend to add this, because you can introduce yourself with it and it is really easy too. 
Go to Layout again > then add a gadget > click text > Fill in what you want to say
 Add a custom header: This is really easy, the hardest part is making the actual header, but you have to do that yourself. :) 
Yes, Layout is your best friend, go there again > click Edit on the Header gadget > uncheck the box Shrink to Fit > browse through your photos and images and select your header image from your computer > check the box Instead of title and description > Save.
 Move your tabs to the center: if you like to be on the left. Ok, be a lefty, but that is really basic. 
Go to the Template Designer, yes not to Layout this time > then click Advanced > click the Add CSS > and paste the following code and save.
.PageList {text-align:center !important;}
.PageList li {display:inline !important; float:none !important}

I hope this helped you a little bit and maybe if you like, I can do more of these.

What do you want to learn in the next 'How to:'?